Life Insurance for Elderly


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$6,000 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance$5,000 Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Are you shopping for a $6,000 guaranteed life insurance policy? This type of policy is best for those who have major health conditions such as HIV or AIDS, kidney failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or those who have had or need an organ transplant. It is often difficult to find coverage with those types of health issues, but there are carriers that offer guaranteed policies. This is a good option for those who are worried about leaving a financial burden on their loved ones. Learn more about guaranteed issue life insurance and compare rates from companies that specialize in this type of coverage.-

$6,000 Guaranteed Life Insurance - Policy Features

Guaranteed life insurance is permanent coverage with level premiums, but there are a few differences from a traditional policy. First, the death benefit is graded, which means that is not fully payable for up to 3 years. This means that if you pass away in the first 3 years, the company will only pay out a percentage of the death benefit to your beneficiaries. After 3 years, the death benefit is fully payable. Second, it is only available for those age 45 to 75 and the maximum amount of coverage you can obtain is $10,000.

Here is a summary of features:

  • Whole life insurance with level premiums
  • Graded benefits
  • Ages 45 to 75
  • Up to $10,000 of coverage

$6,000 Guaranteed Life Insurance - How Do I Qualify?

Unlike a traditional life insurance policy, there is no medical examination and no health questions to answer. You simply fill out an application with your basic demographic information and designate your beneficiaries.

$6,000 Guaranteed Life Insurance Sample Rates

These are sample rates for a guaranteed policy with a $6,000 death benefit. Keep in mind that your rate could be higher or lower depending on your overall health and which company you choose. To get the most accurate rate, you should get a quote and compare rates directly from the companies.



45 Year Old Male

$360 / Year

$400 / Year

45 Year Old Female

$333 / Year

$366 / Year

55 Year Old Male

$466 / Year

$554 / Year

 55 Year Old Female

$418 / Year

$489 / Year

65 Year Old Male

$657 / Year

$853 / Year

65 Year Old Female

$566 / Year

$717 / Year

75 Year Old Male

$1,020 / Year

$1,380 / Year

75 Year Old Female

$812 / Year

$1,068 / Year

$6,000 Guaranteed Life Insurance - Compare Rates Today

If you have major health issues, then a guaranteed issue policy may be your best option. Because you have a unique situation, it is important to compare rates from multiple carriers to be sure that you get the best rate. Get a quote today to compare rates from carriers that specialize in offering a $6,000 guaranteed life insurance policy.