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Maximum Age for Burial Insurance

Maximum Age for Burial Insurance

Most people obtain burial insurance coverage while they are in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies, but there are some who wait until they are older. For those who haven't obtained any coverage, or those who want to add some additional insurance, the maximum age to get coverage is age 85.

Age 85 With Good Health

If your health is good at age 85, then you can qualify for day one coverage. This means that once you get approved for your policy and pay your first premium, your coverage is in place. If you passed away the next day, your beneficiaries would receive the entire death benefit. This assumes that you were completely honest on your application and did not hide or disclose certain aspects of your health. For example, if you have a heart condition and you don't disclose it, then the insurer has the right to deny your family's insurance claim if you die from that heart condition.

Age 85 With Health Problems

If you do have some minor health problems, as most 85 year olds do, then you will qualify for a graded benefit life insurance policy. This means that the death benefit is not fully payable until after year two. For example, if you passed away in year one or year two, some companies will pay out only a percentage of the death benefit and other companies would simply return the premiums that have been paid into the policy.

Compare Rates Today

The first step when shopping for coverage is to compare rates. Because rates can vary by as much as 70% from one company to another, it definitely pays off to shop around. Get a free quote and compare rates for burial insurance at age 80.